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What We Do


Forensic engineering is the application of engineering principles to the investigation of failures or performance issues. Forensic engineering also involves the development of repair plans and specifications was well as testimony on the findings of such investigations before a court a law or other judicial forum when required.


Forensic work includes:


  • Investigation of issues

  • Determination of the causes of the issues

  • Document review

  • Determination of scope of needed remediation or repairs

  • Report writing

  • Building code compliance review

  • Litigation support


Structural engineering services for repairs and remediation include:


  • Determining the design loads to be applied to the structure

  • Calculating the loads and stress on structural elements, foundations, beams, columns, and walls

  • Choosing structural systems and materials appropriate for the safety, function, and durability of the structure

  • Development of construction plans for permitting


Inspection services include:


  • Post-disaster response to wind, flood, fire, vehicle impact, and structural failures

  • Condition assessment surveys and reports

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